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    5月20日 Olga Kocharovskaya:Quantum Optics with X-rays——Dynamical Control of Resonant Interaction



    Olga Kocharovskaya is the Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University.She received her Ph.D. in Physics fromN. N. Lobachevsky State University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and the Doctor Habilitation degree fromthe Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.She joined the Texas A&M faculty in 1998 after 12 years at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and 6 years of adjunct appointment as the Free Research Scientist at theUniversité libre de Bruxelles.

    She made a number of pioneering contributions to quantum optics, quantum information science and X-ray optics. These include the predictions of the phenomena of electro-magnetically induced transparency and lasing without inversion as well as suggestion of the various schemes for coherent control of gamma-ray nuclear transitions.Her theoretical proposals were experimentally realized in many laboratories world-wide and initiated the fast growing fields of research.

    A fellow of both the American Physical Society and Optical Society of America, she has received the Willis Lamb Medal for Laser Physics and Quantum Electronics, the Sigma Xi Distinguished Scientist Award and the University Distinguished Professor Award of the Texas A&M University.






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